To attend a Master, Doctorate, or Direct Doctorate in the Graduate Program in Nutrition and Metabolism, it is necessary to be approved in the admission process. For the opening period and other information, access

General information

  • Advisor

Before applying, the applicant must contact a Program advisor Check here the Program advisors to define the research project, which is necessary for selection. The Program will only accept candidates who already have advisors who agree to advise them if they are approved.

  • English Proficiency Exam

The applicant must prove proficiency in the English language with a copy of the certificate of TEAP, TOEFL, ALLUMINI, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE, or MICHIGAN exams, considering an achievement equal to or greater than 60% for the Master and 70% for the Ph.D. and Direct Doctorate, held up to 5 (five) years before the enrollment date for the applicant’s admission exam for the Program. Other exams and respective minimum grades may be analyzed by the CCP-NM (Coordinating Committee of the Program on Nutrition and Metabolism), upon request of the candidate.

The delivery of the certificate or proof of proficiency, with the minimum grade obtained, together with the other documents is mandatory, under penalty of disqualification. No additional time will be given.

The test shall be scheduled at schools or institutions, so make sure you don’t miss the exam deadline. Follow the link of the agency that administers the TEAP proficiency exam, These Prime.  Tese Prime.

Proficiency in Portuguese will not be required for foreign students.

  • Registration form and initial registration

Fill out the registration form (which will be used by the Graduate Department for initial enrollment in case of approval in the course) present on the FMRP-USP Graduate Central website