The profile of the Graduate Program in Nutrition and Metabolism (PPGNM) follows the tradition of the Ribeirão Preto Medical School in training professionals to develop research for the dissemination of knowledge and consequent care for health problems, including people and the community. The School, its General Hospital, and partner institutions rely on excellent conditions for this training, with an emphasis on Clinical Nutrition.

This PPGNM aims at the scientific and technological strengthening of Nutrition by FMRP-USP by aggregating groups of researchers from different professions who already have significant scientific and technological production in the field of Nutrition and Metabolism, and increase the Nutrition possibilities within the University of São Paulo, thus allowing the development of researchers with high critical and competitive influence in the area.

The Program has a concentration area (Nutrition and Metabolism) and has two lines of research. See more: Lines of Research

Three years after the establishment of the PPGNM, we have observed positive impacts at the local, regional, national, and international level, considering the local and national demand for PPG in Nutrition, in addition to promoting research dissemination through existing international agreements of our students and the Nutrition and Metabolism program. For this, we work with an admission process twice a year. Details can be found on the USP Graduate Dean’s link:, or the program website, as well as its guidelines and admission notices.